Zbigz Premium Account Username Password (February 2017)

Zbigz Premium Account 2017 | Free Zbigz Premium Accounts

Zbigz premium accounts are shared on this page along with Zbigz premium cookies to get Zbigz premium 2017 service for free. If you are new to Zbigz, then let me tell you that Zbigz is an online service, that allows you to download a torrent via IDM or with any download manager directly from 123movies free. As we all know that torrent downloaders give very low speed while downloading files, so you can use free working Zbigz premium account username and passwords to download all the torrents with high speed and no speed capping directly.

Many websites over the internet are providing the premium account of Zbigz but most of them ask to pass a survey or fill information, but here at TechyShacky I am going to provide free Zbigz premium account without survey. You can use these Zbigz working premium accounts anytime anywhere to download torrent files directly. Do you know that Zbigz is one of the most popular and best torrents leeching site and there’s not a perfect alternative of Zbigz available out there. So use below mentioned Zbigz Premium 2017 accounts now.

Zbigz Premium Account Username Password

Zbigz Premium Account Without Survey

Don’t get fooled when you visit a site saying they will provide Zbigz premium account generator or hack because there’s nothing like that available right now. Always prefer using Zbigz username and passwords for login because tools might hack your entire PC. Though Zbigz offers both free and premium membership, there are many people out there who wants to use Zbigz premium membership account without paying anything. Don’t worry; below you can find latest Zbigz premium account login details without any survey for free for free movie downloads.

What Is Zbigz and Zbigz Premium Account?

Zbigz is a torrent leeching service that allows you to cache and download torrent files directly. If you want to download torrent with IDM, even then you can use Zbigz premium account free (unlimited) or free account (1GB). Another good thing about Zbigz is that you can also use this website for torrent caching from your smartphone devices too.

If you are an avid downloader, then use Zbigz premium account 2017 for unlimited usage of torrent caching. There are many Zbigz alternatives available, but if you want a premium service with endless torrent caching, then Zbigz is best. By using premium account Zbigz, you can store an unlimited number of torrent files and download all with IDM to get full speed.

As I have told earlier here that Zbigz has two plans, one is free, and another one is premium. If you want to download files more than 1GB directly with Zbigz, then you’ll have to use Zbibz premium account for that. Below I have shared what features you can enjoy with Zbigz premium account 2017.

Features of Free Zbigz Premium 2017

I think you know much about Zbigz now, but what about the services and features it offers with free and premium accounts? If you are new to it, then you should know why people are searching free Zbigz premium account username and password. Here are few Zbigz premium features which you can enjoy if you have working Zbigz premium accounts.

  1. With Zbigz premium you can download torrent files directly with full download speed (depends on your ISP) without any capping or FUP.
  2. Free Zbigz premium allows you to download an unlimited number of torrent files with Zbigz torrents cacher.
  3. You can use this service if you want to download a torrent file with Internet Download Manager or with any other download manager.
  4. No limits on uploading file size.
  5. Download multiple files at once.
  6. No advertisements.
  7. Pause and Resume downloads.
  8. Your own personal account to store files.
  9. No worries about speed capping or seedings like that of uTorrent and BitTorrent.
  10. With Zbigz premium account 2017, you don’t have to wait for your file to cache, and this is done with a very high speed.
  11. You won’t see any ads or surveys.

Zbigz Premium Account Features

Zbigz Premium Accounts Username and Password | Zbigz Premium Accounts 2017

Zbigz premium account coupon for a discount is good, but after that, you’ll have to pay a monthly fee to use Zbigz premium account. Do not use Zbigz premium cookie for enjoying premium features because they are fake and mostly locked in surveys. Just use below mentioned Zbigz premium accounts which I have shared with you all.

This Zbigz premium account is shared publicly here because I don’t want you to use  Zbigz premium account free by using Zbigz premium account username and password and not falling for cheap hacks and tricks that ask you to provide your personal information. Do note that this is Zbigz premium account 2017 and you are requested not to change the password of the free Zbigz premium account.

Also, do not delete any files from the working Zbigz premium accounts because someone might be using it. After you have used the premium account of Zbigz, delete your file yourself. This account doesn’t use Zbigz premium cookies, so next time when you want Zbigz working premium accounts, you’ll have to visit this page again and click on below link to get working Zbigz account 2017.

[UPDATE] Zbigz Google Chrome Extension For Zbigz Premium Accounts 2017

After getting Zbigz premium working accounts, a Google Chrome extension of Zbigz website can be used for faster torrent caching and downloading. This is official Google Chrome extension to download torrents with IDM using Zbigz premium accounts 2017. Soon I am going to post Zbigz alternatives 2017, which you can use apart from Zbigz. If you want to download Zbigz Chrome extension, then you can do it from below.

ZbigZ - Official Extension
ZbigZ - Official Extension
Developer: zbigz.com
Price: Free

How To Use Zbigz Premium For Torrent Caching

Using working Zbigz premium or free accounts is easy, but many people are new to it and doesn’t know about it’s working. So after getting Zbigz Premium 2017 accounts from above, just visit Zbigz.com website and follow steps mentioned below to download torrent with it. First of all, you will have to download a torrent file, which you can download from any torrent download sites available over the internet. After downloading a torrent file, follow below steps:

  • First of all open Zbigz.com or use my link to open Zbigz premium account page directly.
  • Now you will get a screen like below. Just click on Upload button and choose your torrent file to download with Zbigz.
  • Now once you have selected your torrent file, click on Go and wait for some time.

Zbigz Premium Accounts Working

  • It depends on your internet connection how long it will take to cache. But if you are using Zbigz premium account then this will be done within seconds.
  • Now after the full caching process, you’ll be presented with a download link (zip) of your file.

  • Just click on ZIP button to start downloading your torrent file directly with IDM or any other download manager.

Download Torrent Using Zbigz

Final Words

Zbigz is one of the best websites for downloading torrent files directly or with IDM. You can use above shared Zbigz premium account username and password to get Zbigz Premium 2017 account for free. For music downloading, you can use GTunes music downloader app. Another thing you should keep in mind is that there’s nothing like Zbigz premium hack or Zbigz premium cookies available so don’t get trapped. If a website is asking you to enter credit card or personal details for getting a free Zbigz premium account, then don’t use it. If above shared Zbigz premium account free is not working then let me know via comments below.

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Zbigz Premium Account Username and Password 2017

Zbigz Premium Account Password | Free Zbigz Premium

Zbigz premium account and username and password for Zbigz.com are here. Use them if you don’t have your own zbigz premium account 2017 with you. Zbigz is a direct torrent downloader, used for generating direct download links from torrent files. You can also check out top best torrent-sites 2017 available right now. Though downloading files from torrent is easy and you only need a torrent client to get started, but there comes many times when you don’t want to download files using torrent and prefer downloading it using other download managers such as Internet Download Manager.

Zbigz converts torrent files in direct download links. You can not find such option in any download manager as of now. watch movies online without downloading. There are 2 kinds of zbigz account, one is free which allows you to download files upto 1GB, whereas zbigz premium account allows you to download unlimited number of files with unlimited usage, but many people don’t want to spend their money on it, so here in this post I am going to share zbigz premium account free so that people can use it to download their required files without restrictions like free anime streaming sites.

Zbigz Premium Account

Zbigz Premium Account

If you are facing any issues with this zbigz premium account free 2017, then do let me know about it via comments below, I will try to solve your problem as soon as possible. You can also read post about gb whatsapp to download dual whatsapp on your mobile phone. Share this Zbigz premium account trick with your friends, family and other needy people who are looking for premium zbigz account for free without survey so that they can also enjoy zbigz premium account service.

Working Zbigz Premium Account (How It Works?)

Zbigz is an awesome service which allows you to generate direct download links from torents. If you have a torrent file, and don’t want to download contents of it using a torrent client, then you can use zbigz to make it a direct download. All you have to do is to upload your torrent file on it by using a web browser for windows or mac, wait for few seconds till it caches it, and there you go. You will be presented with a direct download button.

You can also do free movies app download, which can entertain you but you can use zbigz premium accounts to download movies from internet. Do note that there are 2 kinds of accounts on it, one is free and one is paid. If you have premium account, then you can enjoy its services with much faster speed. If you want to know more about how zbigz works, then you check below image to understand the working of zbigz in better way.

Working Zbigz Premium Account

Zbigz Premium Account Free 2017 Features

Users with zbigz premium account will be able to download files despite ISP restrictions, which means you can download anything from it without worrying about the website restrictions. Moreover, if you have a zbigz premium account username and password, then you can store unlimited number of files into your account which is limited for unregistered and registered users. There will be no download speed restrictions on you if you hold a zbigz premium account. Here is quick overview of zbigz premium account users.

  • Maximum caching and download speed.
  • Unlimited file storage size.
  • Unlimited storage period.
  • No limits on uploading file size.
  • Download multiple files at once.
  • No advertisements.
  • Pause and Resume downloads.
  • Your own personal account to store files.
  • For more information, you can check out Zbigz Official Website.

You can also use tubemate youtube downloader android to download videos from YouTube, DailyMotion, Vimeo and from more than 10000 other sites for free. You will need a zbigz premium account username and password to have access. Check below image to find out what is difference between Unregistered, Registered and Premium Users.

Zbigz Premium Plans Overview

Zbigz Free Premium Account Username and Password

I hope you are eagerly waiting for zbigz accounts username and password, but before giving that to you I would like you to know that you can download torrent files with Full speed using zbigz premium account. Moreover if you use this zbigz free premium account 2017, then you can get maximum speed which your ISP is providing you so you can download files with much faster speed. You can also read my post about punjab national banking internet banking activation steps. Follow below steps to get zbigz premium account for free and  zbigz premium account for free without any password change problem.

Zbigz Accounts and Passwords

Zbigz Premium Account Without Survey (Rules)

  • Don’t delete files which are available for download or already present in the account.
  • Never ever change password of the account. If you do so then I will BAN your IP from using this zbigz free premium account.
  • This zbigz premium account 2017 is specially for EasyVBApps visitors, and do not share email and password anywhere on the internet. You can share the URL of this page though.
  • In case, if you violate any of the above rules, then I will ban your IP and you can not access this free zbigz premium account then.

So without wasting more time, I am providing zbigz premium account username and password to you so that you can use it to get direct links from torrent. Click on the below link to get username and password. When you will click on below link, and then you will be taken to a new page, from where you will be logged in directly into Zbigz Premium Account.

Click on below button to get Zbigz Premium Account Free Username and Password.

How To: Download Torrent With Zbigz Premium

Login into Zbigz premium account and follow below steps:

  1. First of all download a .torrent file which you want to download with Zbigz.
  2. Click on Browse torrent button & upload it. (Or)
  3. Copy the Magnet Link of the torrent and paste it in the given field and click on OK.
  4. Wait till caching done.
  5. Now you can download the files from premium zbigz account directly using IDM or any browser any other download managers.

[UPDATE] Zbigz Alternatives | Zbigz Google Chrome Extension

Now you can also use Zbigz Official Google Chrome Extension for faster torrent caching and downloading. Yes, the most popular website to cache torrent files (zbigz premium) have launched its own Google Chrome extension which you can download from below link. I am going to list some of the features of this extension so that you can get to know more about it.

ZbigZ - Official Extension
ZbigZ - Official Extension
Developer: zbigz.com
Price: Free

Though zbigz premium account will work for you and you can use it for unlimited number of times. Though Zbigz is good, and there are some best zbigz alternatives available too which will be posted shortly. I am still gathering data and creating report of some zbigz alternaives 2017, and I will add them to this article soon. Movies lovers can use netflix login and password to watch movies on Netflix without any premium account.

Final Words

Above mentioned zbigz premium account without survey is working till now. There are many sites which offers free zbigz premium account cookie generator or zbigz premium account hack, but I will recommend you not to go with them as they will intsall spywares and malwares in your system, by which they can steal your personal information. Look for movie download sites. I have already shared working zbigz premium account username and password, so I don’t think you will need something more. Though this zbigz premium account password is working at my end, and I hope this will work for you too.

One more thing which I would like to say is that don’t change password, or delete any file from this zbigz premium account as many people are using it. Do you know that you can also download torrent with idm, using this trick. If you are in need of this zbigz free premium account username and password, then you can use it for unlimited number of times, but don’t change or modify anything from this account. Keep visiting this blog for more useful stuff like this.


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