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WhatsApp is one of the most popular instant messaging application in the world right now, with the origin of Google Allo app, WhatsApp can face some serious competition. Though there are millions of people around the world who are using WhatsApp regularly, and many of us are part of multiple WhatsApp groups as well. Texting in WhatsApp group is fun, but how about taking it to a new level? WhatsApp  games can be played when the conversation is getting boring and all of the WhatsApp group members wants to do something interesting and funny. There are different types WhatsApp group games available out there, like WhatsApp dare games, WhatsApp puzzle group games, funny WhatsApp games etc.

Another good thing to know about WhatsApp is that you can now download it for Windows and MAC too. The most amazing thing about this messaging application is that you can send text messages, documents, images, video, user location and audio media messages for free. There are many best torrent sites available out there for free torrent downloading. What I found best in WhatsApp is having fun with friends and family in WhatsApp Group Games. There are so many WhatsApp dare messages with answers, WhatsApp texting games for friends, puzzle games for WhatsApp and many more similar games for WhatsApp groups are available over the internet.

WhatsApp Games For Group

Do you know that you in WhatsApp you can also create groups and add up to 260 people into it. WhatsApp group messaging is fun, and there are some WhatsApp group games which you can play to get most out of your WhatsApp group. There are many funny group games for WhatsApp. If you are searching for WhatsApp games 2016 to play in WhatsApp group, then you can found some of them below.

WhatsApp Games Collection

Most popular WhatsApp group games are Whatsapp Group Puzzle Games and WhatsApp Dare Games, because they can be easily sent and received. Even a person with 2G internet connection can play texting WhatsApp group games, whatsapp dare games with answers and puzzles group games for WhatsApp. Though there are many more WhatsApp games 2016 available out there, but we have prepared a list of most popular and fun to play games for WhatsApp groups. So, let’s get started.

WhatsApp Group Games | WhatsApp Dare Games For Friends

Texting WhatsApp group games are most popular among WhatsApp users. There are many people out there who loves to play WhatsApp texting group games as they are very easy to play, and can be shared anywhere. If you are looking for some funny texting WhatsApp group games, then you can find some of the below.

#1. Break Down The Words Games WhatsApp

If you are looking for a simply, yet good texting game for WhatsApp, then Break Down The Words is all you need. This is a game which can be played with almost unlimited number of players. All you have to do is to break down the words to create new words, and it goes on…

Let us tell you about it in a little detail. Let’s take a word “Entertainment”, if you try to break it, you will get Entertain and Ment. Entertain is a word which has a meaning and it makes sense, but Ment doesn’t mean anything, it can be used as an adjective for many words. So this word can be accepted, whereas words like struggle, happy, live, love etc. can’t be split. The main motive of this game is to find most words which have suffixes/prefixes and can be split into two or more words.

#2. Movie Lines WhatsApp Games 2016

If most of your WhatsApp group members are movie fans, then you all will love this WhatsApp games for lovers for sure. As the name suggests, it is a game that requires contestants to identify lines of the movies. It can be some famous dialogues, songs or lines from free movies app. There are so many movies out there which have some epic and famous dialogues in them, which made the movie or the character famous. You can use that dialogue or a single line from the movie, and then you friends have to identify it and tell the movie name. This is one of the best texting WhatsApp group games which can be played among movie lovers.

WhatsApp Games Movies

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Puzzle WhatsApp Group Games With Answers, Puzzle For WhatsApp In Hindi

This is best collection of WhatsApp group games which you can enjoy anytime anywhere on your WhatsApp groups. Puzzle WhatsApp group games can turn out to be refreshing and interesting at the same time. You can find some best puzzle WhatsApp group games below.

#3. Space Filling – Group Game For WhatsApp

Space Filling is one of the most loved puzzle WhatsApp group game, which can be played with anyone of any age. It doesn’t matter who are members of WhatsApp group, everyone can play this game. All you have to do is to identify the name which is broken. There will be some empty spaces which everyone have to guess.

Latest WhatsApp Games - Fill Space

Let us give you an example, suppose you have sent C _ R _
All other members of the group will have to fill those blank spaces with letters. First person to identify the letter wins. You can set a deadline or other rules if you want. If you want to do something refreshing with your WhatsApp group, then you can play this amazing and funny puzzle WhatsApp group games. By the way, answer of the question is CARS. 😛

Puzzle Whatsapp Group Games  – WhatsApp Games 2016

Here are some best WhatsApp group games with answers, cool WhatsApp games and crazy puzzle WhatsApp group games which you can play with your WhatsApp group members.

#1. WhatsApp Games Using Emoticons | Puzzle Games With Answers

WhatsApp emoticons are something which we all are aware about. Everyone users emoticons while chatting. So in this cool WhatsApp games, we are going to use those emoticons as basic thing. In this game, you have to create a line/sentence/dialogue or something else which can be identified using those emoticons. For example, take a look at the image below, and try to find out what is the meaning behind those emoticons.

Latest Games For WhatsApp

Don’t worry if you have failed to identify the answers, we are going to list down answers below. But before moving on, let us tell you that you should create a theme for this game first, like only movie names can be asked, only songs name can be asked or only simple sentences can be asked. In this way it will become easy for all members to identify the question asked. Here are answers of above image. 😀

WhatsApp Games With Answers

If you are not good at creating these types of questions, then here we are listing down some of the questions with their answers which you can ask while playing this funny WhatsApp games.

Whatsapp Dare Messages With Answers 2016

#1. WhatsApp Dare Games

Can U Tell Me…..
What occurs!
Once in a Year,
Once in a Day,
But never in a Week ?

Answer: Alphabet ‘A’

#2. WhatsApp Dare Games With Answers

Dare to Perform: Send a voice note to your same sex friend that you love him or her !

Question: Select Any of your favorite color and you have to perform according to color’s condition which I will send later!

Navy Blue



Blue – Delete your partner no. from your phone.

Gray – Don’t talk to your partner for 1 day.

Black – Make your partner pic to your’s DP (display picture).

Navy Blue – Ask a neighbor for a roll of toilet paper.Green – Tell your deepest secret to your partner.

Red – Drink 1 bottle of soda in 10 seconds.

Teal – Read the last whatsapp message from your partner loudly.

Purple – call your Mom and introduce her with your partner.

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#3. WhatsApp Dare 1 To 9:

Question: Select any number from 1 to 9 and I’ll tell your dare 😀 , Reply must and Fast 😀


1. Date me
2. Send me a voice note saying you love me in 3 romantic ways and keep our
name in your status
3. Take a picture of yourself & send it to me now
4. How do you describe me at least six line?
5. Hug me when you meet me next
6. Write your and my name in your status for 1 day!
7. Call me and say my name in a loud voice!
8. Send me a pic of you wearing the least clothes on you
9. Be my one day bf or gf 😛

Final Words

WhatsApp Group Games are always good to be played as all of the members of WhatsApp group needs refreshment and playing these latest WhatsApp games 2016 is fun too. You can also learn how to activate pnb internet banking. Though there are many more WhatsApp group games available out there, but still, we will recommend you to try above mentioned games first on your WhatsApp groups, and then look for other games for WhatsApp groups. We hope all of your group members will love these WhatsApp games and you can also download gb whatsapp app from this blog. If you know about any other texting WhatsApp group games, dare WhatsApp games with answers, WhatsApp puzzles games with answers, funny WhatsApp group games or any other, then do let us know about it via comments below.

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