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Best Torrent Sites 2017 | Best Torrenting Sites

In this internet world, almost everyone uses internet. It really doesn’t matter for what purpose you use it for, but when it comes to downloading some useful stuff from internet like movie download, most of the people always prefer downloading via torrent. There are some best torrent sites 2017 available from where you can download torrents for free. If you don’t know about torrenting and how it works, then let me tell you that torrent is basically a peer to peer file sharing method which is being used by millions of people out there for sharing and downloading files. It really doesn’t matter what do you want to download, you can always find it on top torrent sites and 10 best torrenting sites.

You can download movies torrent, software, games torrent or even wallpapers and books torrent for free from best torrent download sites. Do note that there are many torrent sites 2017 available out there and most of them offer malware and viruses in their files, so you should always use best high quality torrent sites for downloading torrent files and movie streaming.

Along with list of best torrenting sites, I will also share a list of best torrent search engines in this post so that you can use them to search for your torrent file. You can also read about best whatsapp group names list. There are some torrent search engines available out there which shows torrent file from different best torrent sites to download torrents. These best torrent websites 2017 also includes most popular torrent sites 2017 for latest torrent downloading.

Top Best Torrenting Sites 2017

The network of torrent sites is very big, and you can find almost all kind of files in its database. Generally torrent sites to download torrents are used to download cracked or nulled tools or software. Though many people use torrent to download movies and games too, but the main objective of using best torrent sites it to download paid content for free. Government have blocked so many spammed and untrustworthy torrent websites 2017 so that piracy can be controlled and users can stay safe.

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What Is A Torrent ?

Torrent is basically a file which is in .torrent extension and can be opened with only torrent clients. All of the torrent files contains information about torrent trackers, title, description, seeders, leechers etc. There are many free torrent sites and clients available over the internet, which makes downloading torrents easy. If you are using torrents or thinking to use best torrent download sites, then you should also know about Seeders and Leechers.

Torrent websites have their own independent network, so they use their own database to upload files and serving them. You can also get latest working netflix accounts. Whenever someone uploads a torrent file on server with details of the files in it, then he becomes Seeder and starts seeding torrent file to Leechers, who are downloading it. Whenever you connect torrent with torrent clients like uTorrent or BitTorrent, then these tracker submits your IP address to the torrent sites 2017 and then let’s you download the file (specified by you) in small pieces. As soon as people have started downloading that torrent file, all of them started becoming seeders and leechers at same time. This is how torrent works.

Best Torrent Sites 2017 List | Top Torrenting Sites

As I have told earlier that there are so many free torrent download sites available to choose from, but you should always choose top torrent sites to download torrents as they will provide safe and verified torrents to you. I have mentioned about top 10 torrent sites in this post, and I will update it with new torrent sites 2017 as soon as I find them, till then enjoy using these top torrent sites of 2017.

1. Kickass Torrents

kickass torrents sites 2016

Kickass torrents is one of the best torrent sites available right now. You can download almost anything from this website, and that too for free. This free torrent website was started back in 2008, and right it millions of people use it to download free torrents. It is widely known as KAT (Kick Ass Torrents) and you can consider it as top torrent sites for games, movies, software and books. Read about pnb net banking if you don’t know about it. This torrent-sites allows you to create your own account on it, and upload your own torrent file or participate in the community. Another thing to keep in mind is that KickAss torrent is blocked in most of the countries around the world, so you will have to use proxy servers or VPN to access this best torrent site.

2. The Pirate Bay

thepiratebay best torrent sites

The Pirate Bay is one of the world’s most popular and widely used best torrent sites 2017. This website was started back in September 2003, and recently police raided on their headquarters and made website down. Later on some clones and copies of it goes live and right now the original website is banned in countries like India and Pakistan, but you can use VPN or proxy to bypass that restriction. You can also read my post about how to bypass firewall to learn more about it. Another good thing to know about The Pirate Bay is that it is available in more than 30 languages, so it doesn’t matter from where you are from, you can always use this best torrent download sites to download free torrents.

3. Torrentz ( – Torrent Search Engine

torrentz torrent search engine

Torrentz is a torrent search engines sites and you can use it to find torrent files on different torrent download sites. Opening different torrent sites and searching for you required file on them can take so much of your time and energy, so instead of doing this, you can use Torrentz to search your torrent file and it will display results from more than 30 different “new torrent sites”.

Recently the owners of world’s best torrent site search engine, Torrentz taken it down themselves. After few weeks, a site came up with same name and database. You can now visit site on There is also country level domains available for this site like for India, but it is currently banned.

4. Extra Torrent

ExtraTorrent is one of my favorite site to download free torrents. When this top torrent websites 2017 was launched, it was on .com domain, but due to banning issues they moved their domain to .cc and it is currently accessible at It doesn’t matter what do you want to download, it can be games torrent, music, wallpapers, books, movies torrent or anything else you can always find it on ExtraTorrent. This best torrent sites to download torrent files also have a live chat option to chat with their support team. You can also download must have free root apps.

There are so many torrent categories available on this website, which you can use to browse torrents of your choice. Another good thing about this extra torrent download sites is that it doesn’t show any annoying pop-up ads but you can find another bunch of ads. Extra Torrent website have its own community as well for torrent lovers.

5. Torrent Downloads – Torrent Download Sites free torrent sites is one of my favorite site to download free torrents. Torrent Downloads was founded back in 2011 and currently it is one of the best torrent websites for movie downloads, games, music, anime and TV shows. The database of this website gets updated several times a day, so you can find new torrents every few hours on this best torrent sites. If you are looking for best movie torrent site, then you can’t find better site than this. is also best torrent website for downloading premium content for free and another good thing about it is that it also have FakeScan Checker to scan harmful torrents.

6. BitSnoop [CLOSED]

BitSnoop - Popular Top Free Torrent Site

BitSnoop is just another P2P search engine, which means it is a torrent search engine websites which allows you to look for torrents of movies, games, audio, video and everything else. According to this top best torrenting sites, it have over 22 million torrent download links in its database. One of the best thing about this top torrent download website is that it shows you top 100 torrents list and it also removes files which have a trojan in them. The layout of this best torrent sites in the world is simple and clean.

7. YIFY Torrents – Free Movies Torrent Sites 2017

yify movies torrents

YIFY or YTS is a free movie torrent download sites from where you can download almost all kind of movies torrent for free. Though there are many more movies torrent sites available over the internet, but only on YIFY torrents, you can find movies in 720p, 1080p and 3D quality for free. If you are a movies lover, then you can download free movies app for Android and iPhone. If you are looking for torrent sites for movies downloading, then you can’t find better place than this one. On this movies torrent websites you can watch trailer of the movie, screenshots and read about its reviews and details too. According to me, this is one of the best movie torrent download sites 2017.

8. 1337x

1337x is also one of the best torrents sites around the world, and I am listing this site on #8 doesn’t mean it is less better than above 7 top torrent sites 2017. If you are looking for free torrent download sites, then you will love 1337x and one more thing to know about this torrent website is that torrent available on it are uploaded by real users, and this is one of the best ad free torrent sites with public trackers. One of the best thing about is that you can also choose quality of the movie, before downloading movie torrent.

9. isoHunt


isoHunt is one of the biggest and most popular top torrent sites 2017 available right now. This website was launched back in 2013 on a .com domain name, but the owner of this website made it down just two weeks after making it live, and now this free torrent website is available on .to domain and you can download movies torrents, games, software, ebooks, anime and other torrents as well. You can also get tubemate youtube downloader android from this blog. You can also check about the top torrents downloads from various categories.

10. EZTV – TV Shows Torrent

EZTV TV Torrents

As the name suggests, it is a free TV shows torrent sites from where you can download TV shows torrents. If you are looking for TV shows download links, then you can’t find free mp3 download sites than this. Another good thing about EZTV is that you can download torrents files without registration or sign up from this website. The layout of this website is clean and you can also find movies torrent on this site, that’s why I have included this torrents website in top torrent sites 2017 list. If you are thinking to download TV shows via torrent, then EZTV torrent websites 2017 is best torrent download sites or torrent websites for you.

11. SumoTorrent


Another addition to working torrent websites list is SumoTorrent. This torrent website may not be popular as other websites of this list, but you can find some really useful torrents on it. You can use the search box to search for your torrent file, or you can even browse for torrent using the Categories page. Another good thing about SumoTorrent is that they have a specific page for verified torrent downloads. On the home page you can find top 10 popular torrents of various categories. If you are looking for free torrent download sites, then you can consider using this website.

12. LimeTorrents

Lime Torrents

LimeTorrents is a popular torrenting website where you can either search, upload or download torrents for free. All torrents are divided among different categories, and you can browse through them to download free torrent files. Though you don’t have to register on this top torrent sites, but you can register if you want to participate in the community. You can use this website for movie torrents and books torrents as well. This websites was blocked in some countries before some time, but now it is working well and good.

Final Words

Torrent is a technology which is being used by millions of people out there, and if you want to download something from internet for free, then free torrent sites 2017 are all you need with latest gbwhatsapp apk. Don’t forget to use only safe torrent sites for downloading torrents and to stay safe from malware and viruses. Though there are many more torrent download sites available over the internet, but above mentioned best torrenting sites are top torrent sites of 2017. I have also included movie torrent sites, music torrent sites and games torrent websites to download free torrents. If you know about any other best torrent sites, then do let me know about them via comments below.


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