Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped

Getting “unfortunately google play services has stopped” error on Android devices? You might not be able to update/download apk from Google Play Store. There’s no need to panic at all. While there are many reasons why you are facing Google play services has stopped error. Wrong settings or running an unofficial custom ROM can be the problem.

There are many kinds of Android errors out there, but most of the users are dealing with unfortunately google play services has stopped the problem as there is no specific way to solve it. It is annoying as this google play service has stopped unexpectedly message keeps popping on the screen until you fixed it. So, if you are one who is searching for ways to solve “unfortunately google play services has stopped,” then you have landed on the correct page.

Google Play Services Has Stopped

Google Play store has stopped working problem is not because of service crash, but because of the framework. The particular reason for this problem is still unknown. The methods mentioned below will help you to get rid of this issue. So don’t give up until you have tried all of them. It’s not hard to fix Google Play services keeps stopping. Or any other Google play store error messages, so just follow below mentioned ways to get rid out of it. Learn how to solve Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped message continually popping up on the screen.

Methods To Fix “Unfortunately Google Play Services Has Stopped”

Your search for how to fix Google Play services keeps stopping error ends here. Below we have mentioned top working ways to solve Play Store stopped working problem. Before moving, you can try scanning your device with a good antivirus to ensure your device is not affected by any virus. If yes, then clean it and try opening Google Play Store again. If the problem persists, then follow below mentioned methods to fix unfortunately Google Play services has stopped. Another thing to remember is that you should try one thing at a time, don’t try everything at once. Try to run Google Play Store after each method.

Method #1. Clear The Cache (Google Play Services\Framework)

Clearing Google Play Store cache solves Google Play service has stopped problem most of the time. Google Play Services app, basically acts just like a framework for all the Google Play apps installed on your Android device. Clearing it’s cache from settings menu could fix this problem. Follow these easy steps to clear Google Play store cache.

  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Now scroll down and open “Google Play Services” app.

Google Play Services

  • Tap app details and click the “Force stop” button.
  • Now click on “Storage”.

Google Play Services Settings

  • Then, tap on the “Clear Cache” button.

Google Play Services Clear Cache

Google Play Services cache and Google Services Framework cache are two different things. The Google Services Framework is Android system app which stores information and helps you in syncing it with Google servers. This is the service which keeps Google Play Services running. Maybe that’s why you are facing Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped working:

  • Open Settings > Apps.
  • Scroll and tap on “Google Services Framework” app to open it.

Google Services Framework

  • Tap on app details button and “Force stop” it.
  • Now click on “Storage” option.

Google Services Framework Storage

  • Now click on “Clear Cache” button.

Google Services Framework Cache

Method #2. Uninstall Updates

If you have a rooted Android mobile, then you can uninstall updates related to Google Play Services right from app manager. Devices that don’t have root access can’t uninstall updates because it is a Bloatware service. This is perfect unfortunately Google Play services has stopped fix. Didn’t have a rooted android? Now worries, you can still deactivate the Google Android Device Manager by below mentioned steps:

Using Google Play Services:

  • Open Apps -> Google Play Services.
  • Click on 3 dots to open options (upper right).

Google Play Services Uninstall Updates - 1

  • Now tap on Uninstall Updates.

Google Play Services Uninstall Updates - 2Using Android Device Manager:

  • First of all open Settings of your phone, and tap on Security.
  • Now scroll down and open Device Administration.
  • Now click on Google Android Device Manager option.
  • You can see an option to deactivate Android Device Manager, uncheck it.

Method #3. Update Google Play Store App

If you have deactivated Android device manager previously, then enable it back. Google Play Store app won’t update unless Android manager app is deactivated. If Google Play services keeps stopping for you, then updating the app will fix this problem for sure. You can’t update it normally as Play Store won’t open. Download Google Play Store apk file and install it on your device.


Other Methods: Fix Google Play Store Keeps Stopping

Google play services has stopped lollipop version is also creating similar problems. These methods are from them too, who are using Android Lollipop or Android Marshmallow. If above methods didn’t work, then try below basic ways to get rid if unfortunately google play has stopped keeps popping up. These are best Google play store has stopped 2016 fixes. Also download videoder video downloader.

Method #4. Reset App Preferences

Resetting app preferences fixes, unfortunately google play store has stopped error too. Open Settings and click on Apps. Now tap on three dots (upper right) to bring more options. Tap on Reset App Preferences. A pop-up message will appear, just ignore and click on Reset Apps.

Reset App Preferences

Method #5. Reboot Your Device

Restarting device can solve many problems, and Google Play store has stopped error can be solved too. If you are facing this problem often, then before doing anything reboot your device. If that doesn’t fix your google services has terminated error, then resetting the device might work.

Method #6. Add Google Account Once Again

Google account creates, unfortunately Google Play services has stopped working problem too so that re-adding could help. If you don’t know how to remove and add Google account to the device, then follow these steps:

  • First of all open Settings of your device, and click on Accounts.

Google Accounts

  • Now every app that have an associated account will appear, click on Google.

Open Google Accounts

  • You’ll see a list of all connected Google accounts. Click on any of them.
  • Now click on 3 dots (upper right) to bring more options.

Google Accounts Options

  • Finally, click on “Remove Account” to remove your Google account.

Remove Google Account

  • To add Google account again. Open settings and click on Accounts.
  • Now click on Add Accounts, enter Gmail ID and password.
  • Reboot your device to make changes.

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Final Words

Unfortunately Google Play services has stopped working error can be solved by following above mentioned ways. There might be many more ways to get rid off Google Play services has stopped problem. But above mentioned methods will work most of the time. Google Play Store has stopped error is annoying and restricts you from using Google Play store. Use above listed Google Play services has stopped fix to get rid of it, from EasyVBApps. If you know about other methods to fix Google Play services has stopped unexpectedly, then let us know about it via comments below.


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