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Download Videos Facebook | Free Facebook Video Downloader

Now a days, everyone is using Facebook, and it’s new Live Video and 360 Degree Angle view feature are simply awesome. Facebook is one of the most used and popular social networking site. There are more than 1.65 billion monthly active users  as of March 2016 reports. Facebook is basically a site to get and remain connected with your friends, colleagues, family members and loved ones, but now a days as it is gaining more and more popularity and people have using it for content marketing and advertising. Promotion on Facebook can be done by text, image or video, and for users downloading the content from Facebook is very easy except videos, as Facebook don’t offer any video download option officially. So, how to download Facebook videos? Don’t worry here in this post I am going to answer “how to download Facebook videos online”. I have also posted about tubemate apk for Android video downloader.

These days, people have started liking watching videos online on YouTube and Facebook, however the only difference between Facebook videos and YouTube videos is all about data consumption. You can now download videos offline from YouTube to watch it later while you are using Wi-Fi. You can also use netflix accounts to watch movies on Netflix. On Facebook, you can watch videos and save a video to a list, but you can’t download them. If you are wondering that how to download facebook videos on android, then let us tell you that there so many Facebook video downloader apps for Android available over Google Play Store which you can use to download videos Facebook on Android phone.

How To Download Facebook Videos

Though there are a number of websites and tools available to download videos from YouTube and Facebook, but people often gets confused among them. Uploading a video on Facebook is very easy, but downloading can give you a headache. I have received messages of many people asking to show steps to download Facebook videos. So below are some of the best ways by which you can easily save and download videos from Facebook free right on your PC. If you are using iOS, then you can download google allo iPhone. Before moving on, let me tell you that there is difference in steps to download Facebook videos posted by you, video posted in your timeline and a video a friend or family member posted. I have also mentioned about how to download Facebook videos on android so that you can download videos from FB easily on your Android devices.

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When we use Facebook, we came across many Facebook videos while browsing the news feed, and there comes some videos which we watch over and over again, and that’s when we think to download them and start thinking about the option to download videos in Facebook app. You can also read about funny whatsapp group names list. Unfortunately, it is not yet available, so you will have to use third-party services to download Facebook videos on mobile, computer for free.

How To Download Facebook Videos Online | Download Videos Facebook

#1. DownFacebook – Download Facebook Videos Online

Facebook Video Downloader Online

You can download Facebook videos online easily with this easy to use DownFacebook. If you want to download facebook videos without software, then you can use this Facebook video downloade website. To get started with it, first of all you will have to obtain the link of the Facebook Video by only right clicking on the video name and copying the link address. You must hit on the option which shows “Copy Link Address” because the menu items may be diverse for various browsers.

After copying the link, just head over to and paste the video link/URL in the text box given and press on the “Download Video” icon. Facebook has reorganized their URL so it may appear like this now: and it ought to work on the Down Facebook website. View java alert box as soon as you press the icon. You have to hit on the “Run” button on the alert box and get a link to download the video.

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#2. – Download Facebook Videos Without Software

So if you want to know about how to download Facebook videos without software or websites. You have to do this Facebook video downloader trick on your PC, so that you can download Facebook videos on PC. To download videos posted on Facebook, open the video and remove the https://www part from the video’s URL and replace it with m and hit enter. This will make your video URL look something like this

Now play the video > right-click on it > ‘select save’ as option and your video will start downloading. If you are still not able to do this trick to download videos Facebook, then you can follow steps mentioned below:

  • First of all, open the page where Facebook video is posted.
  • When you will open a video URL on Facebook, it shows you a preview in highlighted tab, so you will see a screen like below image from

Download Videos Facebook

  • Now change the “https://www” to “https://m” and press enter. This will reload this web page as mobile version.
  • For example: when we will replace the https://www with “m”, the URL of Facebook video page will become like this:

How To Download Facebook Videos

  • Now right click on the video, and choose “Save video as” option to download Facebook video without software.
  • Write a name for the video file, and it will be saved as MP4 video. You can also use this trick to download Facebook video a friend or family member posted.

#3. Download Videos Facebook – Posted By You

If you want to download Facebook video from own profile, or posted by you, then you can do it easily from Facebook website itself. You can also read about top movie streaming sites to watch movies online. There is an option to download Facebook videos posted by you. Follow the steps mentioned below to download posted Facebook video from profile.

  1. First of all, open your Facebook profile, and look for video you want to download.
  2. Once the video has been opened, click the Options link under the video.
  3. In Options are the options Download HD and Download SD click on the link depending on the quality of the video you want to download.
  4. Do note that here SD is Standard Definition, and HD is High Definition and the highest quality of video to download, but is a larger file size.

Download Facebook Videos Free

#4. – Download Facebook Videos Online

There are many people out there who are looking for ways to download Facebook videos with IDM. Internet Download Manager is one of the best download manager for Windows. Do you know about some of the best root apps for android phone? It boosts your download speed up to 5x. To  download videos posted on Facebook with IDM, you will have to use a website named Follow below steps to know about Facebook video download.

  • First of all open the video in Facebook you want to download.
  • Then copy the whole link from your browser’s address bar.
  • Video might be on other website no problem with that if the video uploaded to Facebook directly then it will be looks like the below examples.
  • Then go to next tab in your browser and open website.
  • Here you can see some instructions saying “Paste Facebook URL into the text field and submit to download video(s)” and a box with a download button indicated by an arrow sign.
  • Then paste your previously copied video link in this box and click on download button or hit Enter button.
  • After that you will be redirected to another page where you can see two buttons on saying “Download Low Quality” and another “Download High Quality”.

Download Facebook Videos Without Software

  • Right click on the button which quality you want to download and click on “Copy Link Address/Copy Link Location” and then open Internet Download Manager.
  • Now click on Add URL button and paste the link you have copied and press OK to start downloading Faccebook videos with internet download manager (IDM).

Download Facebook Videos With IDM

How To Download Facebook Videos On Android | Best Facebook Video Downloader Apps For Android

Downloading Facebook videos on computer is easy, but most of the internet users are now using Mobile. So it is very necessary for them to know about how to download Facebook videos on mobile. You can also download gb whatsapp plus from this blog. Though Facebook app itself doesn’t have a video downloading option, but there are some apps and websites available from where you can download videos Facebook on mobile. It completely depends on which mobile device and OS you are using. First of all, let me tell you how to download Facebook videos on Android, which contains Android Facebook video downloader apps.

  • Video Downloader For Facebook

Video Downloader For Facebook is one of the most popular and useful app, when you want to download videos from Facebook. This app is available on Google Play Store so you can download it for free, and you will be pleased to know that this app is currently being used by millions of people out there to download videos from Facebook. There is a built-in browser available in this app, which allows you to browse Facebook and you just have to play the video you want to download, then it will ask you whether you want to save video or not, click on Yes.

Video Downloader für Facebook
Video Downloader für Facebook

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Save Video From Facebook

As the name suggests, it is a Android app that allows you to save video from Facebook on Android devices easily. If you are looking for ways to download Facebook videos for free, then you should definitely try this app once. With this easy to use application, you can do unlimited number of fb download videos. With this Facebook video downloader for Android, you can browse for videos on your profile, friend’s profile, in group or on a page and once you have found a video, you can download it or share it on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram or WhatsApp. There are many whatsapp dare games available which you can play on WhatsApp groups. You can use this app to save Facebook videos on SDCard Directory in FB Videos folder.

Save Videos From Facebook
Save Videos From Facebook
Developer: TheBestApp05
Price: Free

How To Download Facebook Videos on iPhone and iPad

If you are using iOS devices like iPhone, then you are pretty much more restricted than other Facebook users as there are many apps to download Facebook videos in iPhone available, but you will have to jailbreak your device to make them work. I have also posted about zbigz premium account passwords. There are many people out there who are looking for how to download facebook videos on iphone for free, and I have searched about it too. There are quite number of good options available these days for iOS users to download songs and videos from the internet. Below are ways to download Facebook videos on iPhone without jailbreak.

  • First of all, you will have to download Video Downloader for Facebook for iPhone and iPad.

  • Once installed, open it and login with your Facebook account.
  • Once you are logged in, you can start browsing and downloading videos from My Videos, Liked Pages, Friends, Public Viral, and News Feed.

Download Facebook Videos iPhone iPad

  • Click on the Downloads tab to view your active downloads and completed downloads.

Facebook Video Downloader iOS iPhone iPad

  • Do note that there are two versions of this app available, one is free and other one is pro. In free version, all of the videos downloaded from Facebook are saved into a Playlist of the app. In pro version, you can move or copy downloaded videos to iPhone’s gallery.

Final Words

How To Download Facebook Videos: Facebook is getting more and more popular with the days passing by, and they are adding new and useful features in the app itself. Recently, Facebook stopped sending/receiving messages from Facebook App, so users have to install Messenger app in order to chat with their Facebook friends via mobile device. You can also read about fix of this webpage has a redirect loop chrome error. Soon, we can expect video download option in Facebook app to download Facebook videos. We can just hope to get it added, and till now you can use above mentioned methods to download Facebook videos on computer, android and iPhone.

I hope you have liked it and got the answer of how to download videos posted on Facebook. Though there are many more websites to download Facebook videos without software and apps to download Facebook videos to mobile available out there, but still I will recommend you to try above mentioned ways first. I have also posted about top best movie download websites. If you know about any other working way to download Facebook videos online to computer or mobile, then do let me know about them via comments below. If you are facing any problem in downloading videos from Facebook, then do let me know via comments below. Share this post with your friends and let them know about how to download videos Facebook.


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