About Me

Hi mate,

I feel glad that you landed on this page. I am Anshul Mathur, a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and blogger from Sikar, Rajasthan, India. I was born on 13 December 1995 and I have started this blog in mid 2014.

About TechyShacky

TechyShacky is basically a tech/blogging blog where I share some tips and tricks related to Windows, Mobiles, SEO, Social Media, Internet and Blogging. There are many more topics to be covered soon ;).

I have started┬áTechyShacky┬ábecause I wanted to share my knowledge with people. Previously I use to post these articles on my Facebook Page but there are some things which can’t be posted on Facebook. So I decided to start a blog and TechyShacky was formed. You can also find some Product Reviews here which are completely based on my personal experience with the product.